Uniflex P200e Modernization

We implemented a modernization project with Uniflex P200E test station. The old control unit had changed with HMI and beckhoff PLC controller. You can take print on HMI screen with your report template. Uniflex P200e modernization  Uniflex P200E is an old and robust hose line test bench. We can add some new properties according to costumer needs.

These are the result images after modernization. Please contact us for your project.

We can add I/P convertor for sessitive control for clamping and pressure control. We can add new options.

main control page
manuel entry for test parameters
print preview

we implemented a modernization project on P 200 E Uniflex® hose line test bench. #uniflex #hosetest #hoselinetestbench #beckhoff #reportprint

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